Tips to detect a water leak in your concrete pool
At last the cold days of winter are behind us and the warmth of the imminent spring begins to feel. So, it is likely that in a short time you will be using your pool again if you had it covered, and to make sure that everything works properly, today the swimming pool builders in San Antonio will tell you how to detect a water leak. Let’s get started!Why is it important to detect a water leak?

Leak detection

In general, a pool can lose two to three centimeters of water per week due to evaporation, or due to the use and the filtration system. However, a big amount of lost water that is larger than you usually see and your pool keeps constantly loosing water  is the first sign that you have a leak. 

Look closely at the surface of your pool to see if there are sunken, corroded or stained areas.

By putting a mark  on the wall of the pool, right where the water level is, and check it 24 hours later, should tell you if you are loosing water. If the level dropped more than three centimeters, you have a leak. You can also leave a bucket full of water at the level of the pool, on the steps or wherever it is at the same height and check the water level to detect if it has dropped and how many centimeters. 

· Cracks. They are cracks in the concrete that appear in the pool glass due to the pressure of the water and the external earth. Even climate can change the ground and if your bases are not right, they can be flexible with the ground and create cracks on your pool.
· Hydraulic problems. They are leaks through the filtration circuit, pumping, calling or emptying the pool, and they represent around 80% of the cases.

In both cases, you should contact the swimming pool builders in San Antonio, since the repair of leaks requires a specialist, who, in addition to sealing the crack or repairing the hydraulic problem, provides general maintenance to the pool accessories so that is like new.

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