YOUR DREAM FREEFORM POOL we can make it true! 

First thing you should know its the size of the pool, that is largely determined by the shape and space of the yard; the next factor is depth and this has to do with the use that you want to give. 

Standar sizes
24’x12′  |  28’x14′  |   30’x15′ |  32’x18′ |  40’x20′ 

pools are one of the more popular freeform pools, shaped like a kidney bean, rounded on each end, curving inward along one side. Kidney-shaped pools asymmetrical shape fits easily into smaller spaces without sacrificing style. 

swimming pools are where the water flows over one or more edges, producing a visual effect of water with no boundary. Infinity pools are often used to highlight beautiful views in the surrounding landscape. 

shaped pools are free-form and have curvilinear layouts with creative potential. Lagoon shaped pools can help create an oasis in odd shaped or small backyards. 

This form of pool has been popular since the 1940s and continues to be so to date, it offers a wide variety of settings when opening or closing its curve, adapting in the best way to the yard, 

What can we add around the pool?

Landscaping is also a huge part of the design of the area around the pool. For example, increased surrounding greenery can allow for intimacy and privacy. Finally, lights can be placed to increase safety and create an ambience. 


pool style s

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