3 myths a fiberglass pool builder in San Antonio will disprove about those pools

Having a fiberglass pool is an inexpensive way to enjoy water fun in hot weather. However, there are some beliefs about them, which can make people opt for other alternatives, such as concrete, thinking that it will not be a profitable investment in the long term; Therefore, in this post, our fiberglass pool builders in San Antonio will tell you what the 3 most common myths are and disprove them.

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3 myths a fiberglass pool builder in San Antonio will disprove about those pools

Myth 1 Fiberglass swimming pools come off the surface 

This idea is probably because prefabricated cisterns tend to have similar problems when installed underground. However, it is an installation error, and not the manufacturing material since the professional builders of fiberglass pools in San Antonio, make sure that the pool is installed correctly, analyze the place to install and prepare it. so there are no long-term inconveniences.

In general, San Antonio fiberglass pools should not be installed in sump systems where a large amount of water accumulates underneath, as this can deteriorate the material.

On the other hand, swimming pools are not exempt from proper maintenance and care, and being in contact with the specialist who installed them will help avoid problems of this type by keeping them in good condition and installing the appropriate, compatible and suitable water cleaning system. most effective for these pools.

Myth 2 fiberglass poo ls aren’t pretty 

Several decades ago, the first pools of this material were designed to be cheap, easy to install and were even considered disposable since their useful life was relatively short. In addition, their aesthetic appearance was not the best since they were simple and of a single color.

Over time, professional fiberglass pool builders in San Antonio have created increasingly aesthetic models, in various shapes, colors and sizes, that look as beautiful as vinyl or concrete to beautify any garden, or be installed indoors.

3 myths a fiberglass pool builder in San Antonio will disprove about those pools ​Fiberglass pools are only efficient in hot climates.

Myth 3 Natural pool

This idea is related to the previous point, and it is that many people have the idea that San Antonio fiberglass pools do not need installation and that they are used in a modular or temporary way, like inflatables. However, these pools are perfect to be installed underground like concrete ones, and they are compatible with heating systems. 

Another similar idea, within this same myth, is that the water in a fiberglass pool can freeze and deteriorate the material. However, this is false since today we find a wide variety of fiberglass products that withstand sub-zero temperatures without being damaged, and the one used by pool manufacturers is even more resistant because it has special coatings to increase its qualities. .

For example, San Antonio fiberglass pools are compatible with polyester, epoxy or vinyl ester resins, which are responsible for that shiny appearance, long-lasting colors and resistant to contact with water.

On the other hand, fiberglass is a material increasingly used as reinforcement or to repair metal, concrete, plastic and wood surfaces since it does not rust or corrode by the action of water, as well as being very easy to clean so you will always have a beautiful pool, clean, easy to maintain and, best of all, at an affordable price.

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