3 tips from pool builders San Antonio to choose the ideal edge for your pool

Are you planning the design of your pool?

It does not matter if it is for the garden of your house, or to liven up your business, swimming pools are an excellent alternative to create healthy, fun spaces that leave you with hours of entertainment.

At Style Swimming Pools we know that one of the most important points in the appearance of the garden is the material you choose for the perimeter or border, and as pool builders San Antonio we will give you 3 recommendations to choose them.  

pool builders San Antonio
pool builders San Antonio

The edges are the perimeter that surrounds your pool and must remain free of furniture or objects that act as obstacles.

These edges are usually formed by pavements that are chosen with non-slip, waterproof and hygienic materials to prevent people who walk around the pool from slipping.

In addition, the edge is part of the final appearance of the pool, since an elegant and quality material will make the pool look even more beautiful.

The recommendations of the San Antonio pool builders to choose the ideal edge are:     

Choose non-slip edges

The edge materials must be non-slip or have rough textures to prevent people from slipping, as well as to increase adherence to the floor when they come out of the pool wet.

San Antonio pool builders recommend a 1.2m width at the edge to give enough space to walk near the pool, sit down, get in or out and give it a beautiful appearance.  

Choose materials that do not attract heat

If the pool is outside and gets the sun all day, warm water is probably something that people appreciate a lot. However, a floor that burns your feet will not be pleasant. The edge must be made of a material that does not heat up excessively, and that provides comfort both to those who leave the pool, and to people who want to sit down and only submerge their feet.

All-over appearance

The edges must have an integrated appearance both with the pool and with the garden, terrace, balcony or room where it is located. With pool builders San Antonio like us, you will find materials such as textured ceramics, natural or artificial stone, concrete, wood or porcelain stoneware.

The most important thing is that all the spaces are integrated, combined and act as one, so that you achieve the natural, elegant or fun atmosphere that you are looking for.

pool builders San Antonio

What do you think of these recommendations? If you are looking for the best pool builders San Antonio option, write to us through our contact form to request your quote. At Style Swimming Pools we are the experts you need and we will gladly assist you. 

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