4 ideas from pool contractors San Antonio to have ecological pools

It seems that the word “pool” and “environment” are opposites. In general, we know that swimming pools consume a lot of water, light, that they can be made with materials that emit pollutants, not to mention products to clean the water.

At Style Swimming Pools, as pool contractors San Antonio, we will give you four recommendations for the design of pools with a low ecological impact that you will love. Let's get started!

4 ideas from pool contractors San Antonio to have ecological pools

1 Choice of location

It seems irrelevant, but choosing the right location for the pool can help reduce the impact on the environment by requiring less electricity to heat the water and making more use of heat and sunlight, for example.

You can also choose a place away from trees and plants, since they fall into the water, dirty it and make it necessary to use an aquatic vacuum cleaner or water treatment methods that use chemicals that are toxic to the environment.

2 Using a cover

One of the most environmentally friendly ways to have clean water is the use of a PVC cover, which is placed when the pool is not operating. At the end of the day, the water is cleaned with a net to remove the garbage and plant remains, and the cover is placed to keep the water hot and clean for the next day.

3 Aquatic plants

Did you know that aquatic plants are a natural way to keep water clean? We pool contractors San Antonio do know. Although algae are undesirable elements in swimming pools, other plants have the function of naturally cleaning the water to reduce the use of chlorine-based chemical products, which in addition to causing discomfort to the skin and eyes, is a product pollutant. However, it is necessary to clarify that when aquatic plants are used to clean the water, the pool does not look crystal clear, but greenish due to the effect of the chlorophyll of the plants. But the biggest advantage is that plants absorb elements such as phosphorus and nitrogen present in pools, in addition to maintaining the oxygenation of the water.


Reduce water changes

When the water is kept clean with natural means, the need to change the water is reduced, only that which evaporates is replaced to maintain the water at the appropriate level for the fun of the pool users.

Reduce water changes

Esperamos que estas recomendaciones te sean de utilidad. Te recordamos que en Style Swimming Pools somos pool contractors San Antonio y con gusto te ayudaremos a crear la alberca de tus sueños, que además sea funcional y amigable con el medio ambiente.

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