4 types of heaters a San Antonio pool contractor will recommend you install

When you think of a pool, probably the least thing that goes through your head is that you will not be able to use it in some seasons of the year, if you do not have heating systems, or a roof so that you do not suffer the inclemency of the summer rains, or the cold winter.
When you go to a pool contractor in San Antonio, one of the aspects they will talk about is heating, in which we find four types of alternatives that we will talk about below so that you can analyze them and make the best decision.

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4 types of heaters a San Antonio pool contractor will recommend you install

1 Electric heaters

As the name implies, they are heaters that work with electricity and that allow you to take a dip at a time that family members (or clients of a hotel or spa) decide, since it heats up quickly and you can select the degree ideal heat, depending on the ambient temperature and time of day in which they are.

Pool builders in San Antonio recommend these heaters because they are safe, effective, cost-effective (as long as the power is obtained from solar panel systems), they are not damaged by extreme temperatures and they do not cause accidents. The downside is that additional installation is required for the heater and its electrical system, as water can damage the connections.

2 Gas heaters

It is one of the most used heaters for swimming pools at home since its operation is simple, with a mechanism similar to that of the boiler that is used to heat the water in the shower.

Pool builders in San Antonio indicate that the installation of these heating systems is relatively straightforward, although it should be done by a professional; however, in the long run the cost can be high as LP or natural gas is used.

4 types of heaters a San Antonio pool contractor will recommend you install

3 Solar heaters 

This is the favorite alternative for pool builders in San Antonio, and more and more people concerned about the environment. These are heating systems that collect photovoltaic energy from the sun to function, converting it into heat to have hot water.

Among the advantages we find that hot water can be obtained at any time and time of year (since the sun always rises, even if we do not see it) and the best thing is that it is free! The biggest investment is acquiring the heating system, for which a pool contractor in San Antonio will be of great help to you, afterwards you will only enjoy the hot and delicious water.

In addition, these heating systems store the energy obtained by the sun, so they can be used even at night, and can be supplemented with an electric heater to use this energy if necessary.

4 Heat pumps 

 They are energy efficient, high safety heaters that a San Antonio pool contractor may recommend for larger pools, such as public pools or for Olympic training. Heat pumps absorb heat particles from the environment and heat the water through pipes and then expel it to the pool.

Among the advantages of the system is that it has a better cost compared to the mentioned options, however the heat effect is only perceived in the place where the water comes out and a warm or ambient temperature is obtained, and it is not enjoyed. of the hot water that some people want to either relieve muscle aches, relax, or simply take a dip without feeling cold at any time.

4 types of heaters a San Antonio pool contractor will recommend you install

The San Antonio Pool Contractor Key in the Choice
If you still do not know which option is indicated for your needs, it is best that you let yourself be advised by the pool contractor in San Antonio, and that you ask him all the questions that you have in mind to obtain the most profitable, adequate heating system. the type of pool you have and that meets the requirements of your family or clients.

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