5 common pool builders mistakes that pool builders in San Antonio fix

1. Not getting the right advice

Whether due to pandemic times or thanks to the companies that treat their projects in the assembly line style, many of the times purchases of such an important adaptation for a home are made by phone or virtual meetings, leaving for last and when His contract has already been signed, the fact that the builder must know the place where the pool will be from the beginning of the project planning.

When Style swimming pool builders in San Antonio carries out a project, it is completely tailored, analyzing the type of owner, their needs, tastes and scope in order to offer the best option that allows them to really enjoy the entire process and the final result of the turnkey project. 

2. Not considering the right place of pool builders in San Antonio

For the construction of a pool we must not only observe if the model that catches our attention fits in our space, your advisor must also help you define in which orientation of the sun and winds your pool should be to get the most out of the climate and the size and style of your patio.

That is why we make 3D designs that allow us to see how the final project will turn out, how it will coexist with your home and the landscape. All of this is taken into account for pool builders in San Antonio. 

3. Think about price, before safety

Your pool should be the place where the whole family and you can relax, materials, size and depth play an important role in durability and safety, that is why you should advise on which ones are more convenient for the use you will give it. to your pool.

Another factor to consider is the types of insurance that each construction company has, there are companies that only cover their constructions with insurance for work equipment and materials, others do so for a limited cost, and few invest in prevention. The problems that can arise in any construction and are backed by a sufficient amount, check the type of insurance of your pool builders in San Antonio so that you can choose the best ones.

4. Accept a budget and not make sure of the “hidden costs of your pool construction” 

Many companies quote their projects only up to a certain part of the project, but they leave out the essential equipment for operation and charge for them until it is time to place them, lights, pumps and special plasters are details that arise because they are necessary and many of the times we ended up paying more than our budget to get our 100% functional pool

Style swimming pool builders in San Antonio works WITHOUT HIDDEN COSTS

You will get your project finished from start to finish and we will take care of any problem that arises along the way, we protect our clients with an exceptional protection insurance, this allows us to give you the DIVE IN IT PROMISE “We do not leave your pool until you are happy”.

5. Not having a maintenance plan for your pool

Whether you hire a specialized company or you maintain the pool yourself, you must know the necessary tools to keep it clean, free of algae, with a safe pH and 100% functional. 

In Style swimming pool Builders in San Antonio we can include pool Schoolso you can see and learn how to properly clean a pool.

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We also have weekly pool maintenance plans with chemicals included, check out all that includes here.