5 recommendations from pool builders San Antonio for greater security

Undoubtedly, when we think of swimming pools, the first thing that comes to mind is laughter and aquatic fun. However, these spaces can become very dangerous, especially for children and the elderly. 

For this reason, the pool builders 

San Antonio  of Style Swimming Pools, will give you 5 safety recommendations from the moment of design and construction. 

pool builders San Antonio
pool builders San Antonio

1 Determine safe places

At the design stage, it is important to determine the places that must be safe:
The internal stairs of the pool
The perimeter of the pool
The place of access
The spaces around the pool

These places are generic since each pool is different and has points where security measures must be reinforced. The ones recommended by San Antonio pool builders are: 

2 Pool fences

Fences at least 1.20 m high are a great security measure to prevent small children from entering deeper pool areas, as in the case of recreational centers where many people go. In addition, higher fences are widely used in hotels, schools and public swimming pools to prevent people from entering after a certain hour.

3 Covers

The cover is not only used to prevent the water from getting dirty, but to increase safety. This protective canvas has an anchoring system on the edges of the pool and must be placed every night after having used it, and during the periods in which it is not used.
In addition to preventing people from accidentally falling into the water, the cover prevents pets, leaves, plants, birds, and other elements from falling that dirty the water and are a risk to the skin and eyes of people who go swimming.

pool builders San Antonio

4 The perimeter of the pool

The perimeter part of the pool is one of the most dangerous as it is constantly wet and people can slip. A fall to the edge of the pool can cause a fracture, or a person to drown, so it is necessary to choose a material such as cobblestone, textured concrete, non-slip ceramic or wood.
Placing a small fence a few inches above the ground is a good alternative to prevent people from slipping and falling, which can also give them a space to sit and dip their feet in case they don’t want to swim.  

We hope that this information is useful to you and helps you to have safer pools and better experiences for your clients, or loved ones. If you want to have a personalized design in your home or business, contact us. At Style Swimming Pools we will gladly assist you.  

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