5 swimming pool ideas to decorate

1 Install an outdoor heating system

If the place where you live is cold, having a heating system is the best idea to continue using your pool all year round. You can also have night parties, outdoor dinners, or simply dedicate that space to read at night with the softness of the water on your feet.

Among the options you will find gas heating systems, solar panels, electric heaters, even wood stoves to give your garden a vintage look.

2 Wooden furniture and accessories

If you want to give it a natural, vintage and at the same time very modern and timeless appearance, wooden furniture is the best alternative. A wooden deck so you don’t get your feet dirty with sand, or slip on a wet mosaic, will give your pool a special touch.

Garden wood is resistant to moisture and you can find coffee tables, swings, beautiful armchairs, platforms and others that combine perfectly with natural, rustic or minimalist decoration.

Fill your garden with plants

3 Fill your garden with plants

Plants are the best way to fill spaces, especially when it comes to decorating a pool. Having plants with large leaves such as palm trees, ferns, bamboo or aquatic plants will give a tropical appearance to the garden and a relaxing feeling, allowing you to forget the stress of everyday life.

4 highlights 

We cannot talk about decoration without considering lighting. With the experts at swimming pool construction San Antonio you will find lighting systems in the pool such as fountains, lamps or floating candles. In addition, having touches of light in the garden will give it more elegance and can create a romantic, relaxing atmosphere, where you want to stay longer.


5 Promotes sport

Not everything is relaxation and tranquility. Having a pool is the perfect opportunity to play and
exercise, so placing a net for water volleyball, polo goals or any other toy that brings fun and helps
you exercise is an excellent option.

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