5 Tips from our pool builders in San Antonio for having a  pool in a small home 

Do you have a small home and therefore think you’ll never be able to fulfill your dream of enjoying a pool?

Our pool builders in San Antonio will give you today some tips to make the most of your available space, join us to read: 

5 Tips from our pool builders in San Antonio for having a pool in a small home

Measure the available space 

The first step is to measure all the area you have available in your garden to divide the spaces, taking into account if you want to place lounge chairs, furniture to have food and drinks, a shower and to walk near the pool.

If you do not have too much space, you can opt for a minimalist design where only the pool is located and have a vertical garden to give that touch of nature that we love so much in the garden.

Choose the design of your choice and show it to the pool builders in San Antonio. 

If you already have an idea or you saved a photo from Pinterest or Instagram, show it to the pool builders in San Antonio so they can make a real plan in your garden, taking into account the type of terrain, the previous measurement of the space, the depth, lighting, plants, and others.

In case the terrain to be worked on is irregular, it will be necessary to fill it with sand to make it firm enough and prevent the pool from deforming over time. This point must also be contemplated in the plans, so the pool builders in San Antonio must analyze the space where you plan to build your pool.

Opt for additional amenities 

Just because you have a small pool does not mean that it is less comfortable, luxurious or elegant, and for that you can consider a heating system, whirlpool, lighting … imagination has no limits, and with the help of our experts, the design of your pool will not have any either.

Consider a roof 

We all want to take advantage of our pool at any time, and if you have already invested in a heating and hydromassage system, swimming in winter will be a luxury that you can enjoy if you have a roof, which can be made of polycarbonate to let the sunlight in and thus save on electricity.

You can also choose thick canvas awnings, which can be folded and unfolded according to your needs: if you want to get a tan and enjoy the sun, leave it folded, but if you want to take care of your skin and that of your children, unfold the awning and let them enjoy the hottest hours of the day.

Make your pool eco-friendly 

Having a pool, although it is an element that gives elegance to your home, does not mean that you will waste water, or that your electricity bill will be exorbitant: if you install small photovoltaic systems with solar panels you can have the electricity supply to heat the water, use the whirlpool and lighting.

In addition, a cleaning system will keep the water in perfect condition without you having to change it so often, and you can also use it to water your plants.

Style Swimming Pools, the pool builders in San Antonio that your project needs.   

Now that you have realized that building a pool in a small space is possible, make your dreams come true, just contact us and we will gladly help you.

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