5 trends in pool design

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Pool builders San Antonio know that the world of decoration does not rest, and when it comes to a place as attractive as a swimming pool, designers tend to feel especially inspired and constantly innovate to offer novelties that leave both owners with their mouths open. , as well as your guests.

Today we will tell you the five most current trends, based on spectacular hotel pools, join us to read.

Pool builders San Antonio | 5 trends in pool design

1 Transparent rooftop pools

Feeling that you are swimming in the sky is possible with a beautiful gunite and glass pool, which allows you to see outside the pool while you are enjoying a relaxing dip. They are usually medium in size, making them a favorite of hotels, luxury condominiums and residential areas. These types of pools look amazing on mountain cliffs giving an incredible view to and from the house.

2 Pools WOW

The pool builders San Antonio we call WOW by the acronym Water On Water to the pools that are floating in the waters of a lake. They are ingenious and innovative creations that allow you to enjoy a refreshing dip with an incredible landscape in those places where the type of water does not allow it to be done otherwise. Nothing more relaxing than listening to the sound of the lake while you relax in the warm water of your pool.

3 Plant islands

Creating a natural environment in the city is possible if you include “islands” of plants or small shrubs in your pool, placing them strategically to create the sensation that you are swimming in a forest, on the beach, or to sit at the foot of the tree to rest in its shade while you soak your feet. This practice could also prevent your pool to be contaminated or with high levers of chlorination, it is one of the newest and best trends in swimming pools, selecting the right plants can also reduce the cost of chemicals. Call pool builders in San Antonio, to help you decide which is the best option for your house.

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4 Pool bar

Come have fun into your pool! One of the most popular trends in beach hotels are the pool bars, why not to have it in your own house? bars located inside the pool, where cocktails, light foods, exotic drinks and snacks are served that you can enjoy while you relax or play with your family. We recommend adding a washing area to make it more comfortable for the person in charge of preparing the drinks.

5 Artificial waterfalls or weeping walls

In addition to looking beautiful, children love them, artificial waterfalls are a beautiful way to have waterfalls in your own pool. You can also add lighting with colored LED lights to create an incomparable atmosphere at night.

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