If you are thinking of hiring swimming pool builders in San Antonio to build that pool that you want so much, you probably already have an idea in mind and that you want to bring to reality in your home. 

However, depending on the budget, the available space, the type of soil and construction, there are several types of pools that we will talk about below.

6 types of swimming pool, builders in san antonio

1 Pools built on floor

Ideal for installing between floors, on high floors or on terraces, raised pools have the advantage that no excavation is required on the ground for construction, so the cost is not too high. They are usually made of fiberglass or vinyl, so their installation is very fast and they can be removable.

As a disadvantage, only if you do not go to experts in swimming pool builders in San Antonio, you may have an inappropriate design, which breaks with the aesthetics of the environment, is too large, or takes up a lot of space.

2 Fiberglass pools

They are one of the most used options today because they are prefabricated pools with fiberglass, a highly durable material, they are easy to install, at a profitable cost and with a long useful life.

Fiberglass pools come in standard sizes, with specific finishes, and in various shapes and sizes, with the advantage that the material is virtually unbreakable and the risk of leakage is very low.

3 Concrete pools

They are the most frequent pools, with a relatively simple construction technique if you go to experts in swimming pool builders in San Antonio, they are manufactured directly on the land where it will be installed and you can create countless designs in various models, shapes, sizes and amenities .

In addition, since it is totally personalized and uses concrete, you can choose between different finishes such as tiles, stones or deck, either on the deck or on the floor of the pool.

4 Vinyl Bottom Pools

They are pools that can have plastic, metal or wood walls and a bottom or floor covered with a layer of vinyl (this same layer can cover the material of the walls). They are inexpensive and easy to install pools, however they are not very durable since their useful life is 8 to 10 years, a period in which the vinyl must be changed to avoid leaks. 

5 Glass pools

They are very elegant and beautiful, with glass walls and floors. Frequent indoors for luxury venues such as hotels, condos, and suites, they provide a feeling of spaciousness, natural lighting, and incredible views. As a disadvantage, they are very expensive and if there is a crack it will probably need to be replaced entirely.

Natural pool

6 Natural pool

A growing trend is natural pools, with an environmentally friendly design for which stones, plants, and swimming pool builders in San Antonio can be used work hand in hand with expert landscapers to create an oasis-like environment. , a forest or a pond.

Natural pools look like reservoirs of water found in the middle of nature. Its design is possible with expert landscapers who can advise you and design a natural pool in your home.

5 Tips from swimming pool builders
in San Antonio to choose the right type for your needs

1 Analyze the space

you have available for the pool and the needs it will cover; That is, if it is a children’s pool, for small children (and that will grow) the fiberglass pool is a suitable alternative, since you can buy a small one at low cost for your children to enjoy on hot summer days.

Define your budget. Not only for the construction of the pool, but for the amenities that you want to add: lighting, heaters, roofs, waterfalls, among others.

2 Do you plan to extend it in the long term?

Hand in hand with the previous tip, you should analyze if the pool that you acquire at this time will be able to grow in a few years, or if you want a more elegant finish but, for now, you will acquire a lower cost one. In this case, the swimming pool builders in San Antonio recommend concrete pools, which you can customize according to your needs, they have a useful life of more than 30 years and this can be extended with their respective maintenance.  

3 Installation time.

If you have little time for a large construction site, a fiberglass pool that you will find in prefabricated models and in standard sizes is probably the most convenient, so the installation is very fast and can be done on the ground or buried.

4 Water cleaning treatment.

This point is especially important if you opt for a natural pool, since cleaning systems usually use trichlor tablets to keep the water clean and without the risk of microorganisms and algae developing. These pools often use a combination of ozonators and mineral purifiers and a filter to trap impurities and keep the water clean.

5 To acquire the most suitable model for your needs,

it is best to go with an expert in swimming pool design and construction who will advise you on the most important issues of cleaning, land preparation, finishes and manufacturing materials. Also, you should ask about the maintenance and cleaning periods of the pool, especially in natural systems that do not use chemical products.

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