6 ways to keep your pool safe in the winter

Winter is already with us and the change of climate also implies the modification of our daily habits to our fiberglass pools in San Antonio and one of the most difficult to forget during cold times is to take a dip in the pool. However, this does not necessarily have to be the case, as there are some ways to keep the water warm to continue enjoying the pool.

Today, in the Style Swimming Pools blog, experts in fiberglass pools San Antonio, we will tell you six ways to keep your pool safe during the winter.

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6 ways to keep your pool safe in the winter

1 Use a coverlet

Pool covers are a very affordable alternative to keeping your water clean and in good condition during non-busy times, including the coldest days of winter. In addition, keeping the pool covered will also help prevent the formation of mold in the water, the fall of tree leaves or other contaminants, which can cause skin infections, so these are of great help throughout the year. regardless of the weather.

2 Installation of solar heaters

Solar heaters are a great solution to the problem of winter colds since they absorb the ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun, so it is enough that there is sunlight to store energy that is later converted into heat.
This quality is why the experts at fiberglass pools San Antonio recommend them since you can continue to use the pool even if the weather is cold, especially if you have a roof to protect your skin from the cold. It should be added that solar heaters require little maintenance and do not generate an increase in the gas rate, so they are also ecological and friendly with the environment. 

3 Installation of exchangers

The exchangers transfer the heat from the heating system to the pool water, making it one of the solutions most used by businesses such as hotels, spas or places of entertainment and recreation where the heat of the water is the main attraction. The advantage of exchangers is that the same radiator or boiler is used, so it is not necessary to make new installations or connections, and it is recommended for indoor pools, which have access to the network of pipes connected to the heating system. 

Heat pumps

4 Heat pumps

The pumps are used to keep the water circulating at a comfortable temperature and at the same time to clean it. Its mode of operation is similar to that of air conditioning systems since the pool water passes through an electric compressor where it becomes warm and returns to a comfortable temperature. Its only disadvantage is in very large pools, where the heat of the water may not be perceived in the center, or far from the water outlet, so it is common to see that people stay very close to those areas to perceive the heat. 

5  Put the pool to hibernate

If using your pool during winter is not a priority, the weather does not allow it or it is installed outside, the experts at fiberglass pools San Antonio recommend putting it to hibernate. This consists of draining the pool completely to prevent the accumulation of water from being a breeding ground for bacteria, algae or animals that have accidentally fallen. Subsequently, chemical products are used for hibernation, which prevent the reproduction of bacteria and keep the surfaces of the pool in perfect condition and ready to be refilled when the weather permits.

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