Basic hygiene rules for Swimming pools San Antonio

So, have you already decided to install a pool in your home or business? Congratulations, it is a decision that will bring you great advantages in the long term. And to maintain those benefits for longer, it is essential to have a lot of hygiene.

As experts in swimming pools San Antonio, at Style Swimming Pools we know that a large part of the aspects related to hygiene depend on the users, so below we will give you some hygiene rules that you can suggest so that the water is kept clean and safe.

Swimming pools San Antonio

Darse una ducha antes de entrar al agua

This rule will not only be useful to prevent people from entering the water with harmful microorganisms, but also to prevent them from carrying dirt, mud and dirt from other entertainment spaces. Showers help prevent muscle cramps in the water, and allow the body to better adapt to the temperature of the water to prevent thermal shock.

Enter only with bathing suit

This rule can bother many people, but the truth is that regular clothing is not suitable for water, and they usually have it on several hours before, so it accumulates dirt, which comes off and remains in solution with the water.

Swimming pools San Antonio

In the case of small children and babies, it is also important that they enter without a diaper as this can contaminate the water. There are beautiful models of swimsuits with a level of absorption for the little ones who still do not control their sphincters.
Enter the pool area only with bathing flip flops

Bath flip-flops usually have non-slip soles, so they provide more safety for people, but it is also important for pool users to prevent the entry of bacteria and pollutants from the street. That is, before entering the pool area you must remove your tennis shoes or regular shoes and wear clean flip flops so as not to contaminate the water.  

Go to the toilets if you need it

Studies carried out in swimming pool water have found the presence of fecal bacteria such as E-Colli, coliforms and amoebae, which not only cause illness in people who go swimming, but can also cause a health risk that causes the closure of businesses.

Don’t spit in the water

This is a very similar case to the previous one, since the bacteria in the mouth also contaminate the water. That is why it is recommended not to swallow water or spit saliva, so that cleanliness is maintained and the spread of diseases is avoided. 

What do you think of these rules? Water hygiene is essential to prevent contaminants from the environment and bacteria that cause diseases such as conjunctivitis, gastroenteritis, otitis or rhinitis from affecting the users of swimming pools San Antonio and for them to have the best experience.

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