We can build that geometric swimming pool you always wanted! 
More than just a pool, with style you can change and imporve your lifestyle, inground or bouilt pools transform your landscape, and can give the special comfort of a luxury resort in your own backyard 
Standar sizes
24’x12′  |  28’x14′  |   30’x15′ |  32’x18′ |  40’x20′ 
An ideal pool for exercises or for small spaces, beautiful to look at and for swimming thanks to its long and staight lines. If you require your pool to be coverd the rectangular shape is a great option.
This pool model is a combination of two figures to form an L. It has a shorter diagonal section that provides a more aesthetic appeal. The longest part can be used as an esercise pool thanks to its extension and straight sides. 
This kind of pool has everything your family needs, bubbler can be installed in the tanning ledge area, the small section can be the entrance, we can have a cascade or a children´s play area with a shallower depth, and also a large space to swim.

What can we add around the pool?

This area can be designed with different kind of decking, can be wood or stone, natural or synthetic materials can be added depending on the desired design concept and maintenance. Other costume features as shades, furniture, grill area, umbrellas, or even an outdoor living can give an exotic and refined look. This will become an important coexisting area in the house for you and your family.

pool style s


Coping in pool design?



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