Everything you need to know about overflows from swimming pool builders San Antonio

When we plan to have a pool, it is common to think only of the fun and aesthetics that it will have in the garden, or the place where it will be placed. However, as swimming pool builders San Antonio, at Style Swimming Pools we must tell you about the technical aspects to consider. 

One of them is the overflow, and today we will tell you everything you need to know.    

swimming pool builders San Antonio
swimming pool builders San Antonio

What is the pool overflow?

Overflows are mandatory in the construction of community pools or for recreational use. These are channels that the San Antonio swimming pool builders build around the horizontal perimeter of the pool. They are a type of gutters that have the function of collecting the surface layer of the water that overflows from the pool, since it is the one that accumulates dirt.

Tree leaves, plants, insects, cosmetic residues, sunscreen, among other contaminants are found in the most superficial layer of the water and it goes to the overflow and from there it is sent to the purification system, so that it no longer returns to the glass and, therefore, does not continue to contaminate the water.

The overflows are part of the filtration system and will help you keep the water clean, as well as save on cleaning and treatment systems since you will easily remove contaminants. 

Do they subtract aesthetics from the pools?

No. Expert swimming pool builders San Antonio know that overflows should be installed in community, public or recreational pools. At the same time, they must be part of the aesthetics of the pool and they must look beautiful.

One of the most used overflows are the skimmers, which are openings in the walls of the pool, at the height of the water surface and that the San Antonio swimming pool builders place in the direction of the prevailing wind so that the waste is carried towards the filtration system. In other cases they are placed along the entire perimeter to make the system more efficient.

Once the water is collected, it will recirculate through the system and exit through the bottom drains, which helps remove dirt from the bottom of the pool.  

swimming pool builders San Antonio

How is the overflow of a swimming pool calculated?

This calculation is one of the technical aspects that San Antonio swimming pool builders do. We take into account factors such as the water level, the volume displaced by each person inside the pool, the wind, the waves and the water renewal rate.

At Style Swimming Pools we hope that this information has been useful to you. If you need more information or want to quote your pool, contact us through our form, we will gladly assist you. 

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