The 3 best materials that pool builders in San Antonio recommend to line your pool

The pool is one of those spaces in the home that gives us relaxation, rest, fun and an option to exercise.

There are so many uses and benefits that we would like it to last a lifetime in the best conditions.

The good news is that this is possible when choosing the materials recommended by pool builders in San Antonio to prevent the growth of microorganisms, facilitate cleaning and have an unsurpassed aesthetic quality. Join us to get to know them. 

The 3 best materials that pool builders in San Antonio recommend to line your pool


Many people think that pools are tiled, but in reality it is tile. A vitreous material that has great resistance to humidity, temperature changes and is compatible with the most commonly used chemicals to clean water. 

Advantages of tile according to pool builders in San Antonio

  • Unlike tile, the mosaic does not use fired clays: it is manufactured with flat glass and melted at high temperature, which gives it that durability and the quality that its finishes do not alter or lose color with the passage of time.
  • You can create figures or decorations inside the pool, or simply take advantage of the variety of colors to choose the one you like the most and highlight the beauty of your garden.
  • It is used in concrete pools, so it is a highly durable material, easy to maintain and is an excellent alternative when looking for a pool remodeling in San Antonio.

Reinforced sheet

Material made with two layers of concrete and a polyester mesh in between as reinforcement. It is used to line concrete pools, as well as for pool remodeling in San Antonio in the event of water leaks between material joints, cracks in the concrete, or due to installation errors. 

Advantages of the reinforced sheet according to the pool builders in San Antonio

  • Reinforced sheet is frequently used in France and northern Europe, and in the United States its use has increased thanks to the fact that it allows watertightness regardless of factors such as cracks in the concrete, settlements of the pool due to movements of the earth and it does not have joints where water can seep.
  • For the installation of reinforced sheet, cement is not used, but a layer-by-layer thermowelding process, which ensures that it is adapted to the shape of the pool and that the installation will be quick.
  • It is non-stick, so it prevents the proliferation of algae. However, care must be taken with chemicals to disinfect the water, as it is sensitive to chlorine, algaecides and copper.

Porcelain stoneware 

One of the most versatile materials in construction and pool remodeling in San Antonio. It offers very aesthetic results since it has a huge range of models and designs to personalize your pool, adapting to the style of your preference.

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